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Dark Spot Corrector

Dark Spot Corrector

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Illuminate your skin with our Dark Spot Corrector, enriched with the brightening power of Orange Peel, the soothing essence of Cucumber Extract, and the depigmenting properties of Licorice. Target, correct, and reveal a brighter, even skin tone.

Scientific Fact:

Licorice contains compounds that inhibit melanin production, contributing to the reduction of dark spots and hyperpigmentation.

Fades Spots

Targets Dark Patches

Brightens Skin

Evens Complexion

Target, Correct, Glow!

This powerful trio works together to target dark spots, correct uneven pigmentation, and reveal the natural glow of your skin. Incorporate this corrector into your daily skincare routine for a transformative journey towards brighter and more luminous skin.

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