Shipping and Delivery


  • Refers to the process of preparing and dispatching a package for transportation.
  • This includes picking the items from our warehouse, packing them securely, and handing them over to a courier or postal service.
  • Shipping doesn't guarantee an arrival date, as it only covers the initial processing and sending out of the package.


  • Focuses on the actual transportation and receipt of the package by the customer.
  • This involves the courier service or postal service transporting the package from one point to another, culminating in its delivery at the customer's address.
  • Delivery usually has an estimated timeframe, though unforeseen circumstances can cause delays.

Do you have any specific questions about shipping or delivery that I can help you with? For example, are you curious about different shipping methods, delivery timeframes, or tracking your package? The more information you provide, the better I can assist you.

We ship your orders within 48 hours after you have placed the order. It takes 3-5 business days in transit and for you to receive the package at your door step within India.

We offer free shipping pan India