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Skincare mistakes you might be making that are harming your skin

_ _Skincare tips and advice have been passed on to us through many generations. But there are some popular trends that we see going around which are not actually good for you. Here are some common skincare mistakes that you could be making that damages your skin-


Not taking off your makeup

____ Water or a normal cleanser alone cannot remove your makeup, so always make sure that you_re using a good makeup remover and double-cleansing your skin! If you go to bed with makeup on your skin, you are going to have a ton of skin problems. It leads to clogged pores, acne, and premature aging. Leftover eye makeup can also cause eye problems. So for all of you who use makeup, use it responsibly- skincare is primary, makeup secondary.

Layering your skincare products incorrectly

____ You could be buying some of the most expensive and best skin care products but not getting any results. There can be many reasons for this, and one of them is not actually using the product in the right way. A simple guideline is to go from thin to thick in terms of consistency of your products. So cleansers, toners, essences, face mists, would go first on your skin followed by your acne treatments. Think of water based products. Then you can follow up with your creams which are thicker and then lock it all in with your face oil. Most products do come with usage instructions so be sure to always read the labels.

Not understanding ingredients in your skincare

__ We strongly believe that everyone should be a little more aware of the ingredients they are putting on their skin. This is simply because you don_t want to be putting harmful chemicals on your skin and sometimes active ingredients when used together can react with each other. You may also be using different products that are all doing the same thing and you don_t even realize it. To understand your skincare products a little better and know what the purpose of a certain ingredient is.


Using makeup wipes

__ Makeup wipes are really harsh on your skin because if you didn_t know they are loaded with strong preservatives and alcohols. If that_s not enough, they also don_t really take off all your makeup, not to mention the excessive tugging that your skin has to suffer from. This can lead to irritation. They are also not very environmentally friendly, so it_s time we try to not use makeup wipes when there are better alternatives out there.


Neglecting your neck

__ How many of us are guilty of forgetting our neck? The skin on our neck and chest is as delicate as it is on our face, and that_s why you should be applying your skincare products to your decolletage too- that is your neck, upper chest, and shoulders as well!


Not using enough sunscreen

__ One thing that is a big no is if you skip on sunscreen or don_t use enough. This is particularly for the people only using BB creams and SPF in makeup. This is because most of these makeup products have low sunscreen SPF levels that only provide little sun protection which is not enough. Plus, when sunscreen is mixed with other products, their efficiency decreases. Use a good sunscreen and follow up with your favorite day time makeup.


Overworking your skin

__ Over exfoliating, using too many active ingredients at one time, applying harsh face masks or even just introducing too many products at the same time can cause you to break out and make your skin irritated. When this happens, it is best to follow a simple skincare routine to give your skin a break. A simple cleanse and moisturize routine should suffice.

Not moisturizing oily skin

__ This is by far the most common misconception about oily skin. Not moisturizing oily skin will only make it produce more oil. Moisturizing oily skin will actually help balance out the grease. There are many lightweight, water-based creams available that are suitable for people who have an oily skin type.


__ Now you can take a look at your skincare routine and be more mindful about how you treat your skin. Look as skincare as something that you keep learning. The more informed you are about what you are putting on your skin, the better you will be able to understand what your skin needs.



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