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9 Ways You Can Be More Eco-Friendly

ξTheres no place like home, right? Then why arent we doing our bit to save it? Our home Earth is being destroyed by us. And that is why it is also in our hands to change this. Each one of us plays an important role. Even the smallest actions can help save our planet. Adopting an environmentally friendly lifestyle is definitely possible and easy by making a few changes in our daily lives.


ξξ Why is it important for all of us? There have been centuries of destruction and to reverse that, each and everyone one of us has to do our bit. Here are some simple ways you can live a lifestyle that is better for the environment.


Go zero waste

ξξ Zero waste simply suggests that we minimize waste. It aims at removing trash out of the system because nature does not produce trash. Overconsumption leads to more waste getting dumped into landfills that arent the best option if we want to be kind to the environment. Zero waste living talks about three ways- reducing, reusing and recycling.


  • Reduce

ξξ When making purchases, the first question you must ask yourself is- do I need this? The first step to reduce our environmental impact is to reduce how much we consume. If you dont need it, dont buy it.


  • Reuse

ξξ For the products that are necessary, try to get items that can be reused. An example would be to replace plastic straws with metal straws. This not only reduces your waste production but also saves you money!


  • Recycle

ξξ Recycling products should be seen as a third option if you cannot reuse or reduce it. Recycling isnt the solution to stop environmental damage because there are too many things out there that are not recyclable. This doesnt mean you shouldnt recycle, it just means to depend on it less.


Look for minimal packaging or buy in bulk

ξξ This is a really easy way to reduce waste that comes out of the packaging. Look for products that do not use unnecessary amounts of packaging or you can even buy products that you use often in bulk.


Conserve natural resources

ξξ Our resources are so precious, yet we dont respect these enough. Conserve water, electricity, etc and use them wisely. The overall aim here is to reduce wastage where ever we can.


Stop littering

ξξ Littering is the most careless and disrespectful habit a lot of people have picked up. We have dustbins almost everywhere. Keep your surroundings clean.

Go plastic-free

ξξ We all know how terrible plastic is for the environment. Today, we have better alternatives to many plastic products out there, so its time to make the switch if you already havent!

Avoid harmful chemicals

ξξξHarmful chemicalsξlike triclosan and microbeads in skincare are not only harmful to your health but the environment as well. They are often found in rivers and lakes which can harm marine life and cause water pollution. Another reason to ditch conventional personal care products!

Reduce your carbon footprint

ξξξIn order to reduce the number of toxins released into the air due to cars, try to walk or ride a cycle instead if it is a short distance. Not only is it healthier for you, but it helps reduce your carbon footprint when you can.



ξDid you know that meat and dairy production emit some of the most hazardous emissions? Goingξveganξcan be great for the environment but if that is not possible, reducing your meat consumption can also help a lot. Also when it comes to vegetables and produce, go for locally grown produce and organic produce instead of products that need to be shipped from far away.


Spread awareness

ξξ Some people are just not aware of the detrimental effects and thus, spreading awareness and educating people can bring about a significant change.


ξξ Nature has given us everything, and now its high time we appreciate what we have been given. I really urge you to practice these habits whenever possible because even the smallest action taken by you can help make a difference.

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