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Post Workout Neem Body Purifier

Post Workout Neem Body Purifier

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Hop in the shower with Skinyoga Post Workout Neem Purifier and reveal sanitized skin! 

    • Neem leaves are the best answer to all skin problems
    • The bitterness of neem will help you get rid of bacteria and various skin allergies.
    • Regular use will help you free from unwanted body odor.
    • This anti-inflammatory and medicinal body wash can be used regularly for a post-exercise shower.

How to use product

    • After your routine shower, apply small handfuls of the paste onto wet skin.
    • Apply evenly and leave on for 2-3 minutes.
    • Rinse well.

Who is this ideal for 

This is great for men/women who

    • Want to reduce body acne
    • Want to reduce body odor
    • Are easily affected by sun exposure
    • Want to cool down their body heat
    • Prevent themselves from bacteria and germs
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