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All Day Face Moisturizer

All Day Face Moisturizer

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Skinyoga's All Day Face Moisturizer nourishes your skin thoroughly. In the beauty world, Allantoin's hype is very well-deserved. This all-star ingredient works its charm for people with sensitive skin or people who want glowing skin in general. 

Allantoin is most known for its healing, renewing, and soothing properties. It has several benefits in your skincare regimen. It promotes cell regeneration and gets rid of dead skin cells. All of these benefits brighten your skin making it plump and glassy. Moreover, it visibly reduces acne scars and blemishes due to its anti-inflammatory properties. 

Allantoin is very gentle on the skin and is beneficial in treating any kind of irritated skin. It is categorised as a protectant and an emollient as it keeps the skin smooth and supple. It makes your skin absorb and retain moisture keeping it hydrated 24/7.

Size - 50ml

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