Uneven Skin Tone Kit

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the ritual for uneven skin tone

1. Begin with Almond Orange Face Scrub. Massage into dry skin, focusing on areas of pigmentation. Wet hands and continue the massage, then leave on for 2-3 minutes to semi-dry. Wet hands and gently scrub off the product from your face and rinse with normal water.

2. Follow with The Facial Repair Oil. Take 2-3 drops of oil. rub between the fingertips to activate and warm up the ingredients. Massage in circular motions all over the face for a luscious treatment.

3. Every 1-2 days, introduce Fresh Orange Body Mousse to brighten and decongest.  Mix the product with water to make a thick paste and apply in upward circular motion all over the body. Let it rest for 5 minutes and rinse with water. Towel Dry.

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  1. sid

    Great combo for the corporate present…

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