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Our Massage Oil is enriched with antioxidants and a nutrient rich blend of oils to deeply hydrate, improve the texture of the skin and reduce the appearance of scars and stretch marks. Blend of 7 pure oils target appearance of stretch marks and encourage a healthy looking skin.












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80 reviews for Massage Oil -Anti Stretch Marks [100 ml]

  1. Utkarsha

    I was looking for anti-stretch mark products which were chemical free and happened to find this. Have been using this daily now since the beginning of second trimester. It has a wonderful smell and gets absorbed well. Don’t know how many stretch marks I will finally get, but don’t have any yet!!

  2. Niyati

    Can’t believe the effect this oil has on my skin! Just Amazing! A daily skin routine for expecting moms. Is sure to keep any skin problems at bay.

  3. Roxanne

    This product from Skinyoga has been really helpful to me. This is the second bottle I have purchased of this oil. The fact that I love about this oil is that its totally lightweight and doesn’t feel sticky after application. Easily gets absorbed in skin and doesn’t stain clothes.

  4. Rishi

    After since I started loosing weight my stretch marks became more visible than ever. This oil is suggested by one of my friend and yes it is good.

  5. Soumya

    The product is very good. It removes makeup without causing any smudges over the face. No skin irritation. It even removes dirt clogged in your pores and your skin feels clean and fresh.

  6. Aparna

    This all-natural luxurious pregnancy body oil nurtures your entire body and relieves the itch of stretching skin as your belly, breasts and hips grow with your baby.

  7. Shreya

    I was looking for an anti-stretch mark and anti-itching product which was chemical free and our gynae suggested this. Have been using this daily twice now since beginning of second trimester. It has very light smell and gets absorbed well.

  8. Sharanya

    This is my second bottle and I absolutely love using it .it does what it claims contains oils which are known for skin healing. Perfectly safer for pregnant women’s too as it is free from toxins, it’s light,moisturises your skin and most trust brand for me love their products ❤️

  9. Sana

    Awesome product..even my doc was surprised that I didnt get any major stretch marks..I had started using this product by 2-3 month of my pregnancy and I am very happy with the results

  10. Ridhima

    This product is good. I have tried the product no chemicals is used . Its a natural product .

  11. Yogita

    This massage oil is very light and absorbs easily
    Smells mild and lovely
    U need to be regularwith application
    Very good for moisturising too

  12. Mini

    Al in one solution.. I strtd using sinc my 1st trimstr.. N evn aftr delivry cntinuing.. N nt a sin gl strch mark!!!

  13. Lata

    I thought of giving this oil a try and must say it”s a solution to all our problems,
    Use it post bathe and before sleeping twice a day , also massage your sagging Breast / tanned arms , pigmented face , dark inner thighs / strech marks on butts , and you will see a clear change in your problemetic areas . My skin shines than never before , do buy and try once

  14. Tasya

    Excellent quality product….

  15. Rajnikant

    My wife is so satisfied with it as its results are visible in just 4 days.
    Pigmentation on face has also reduced tooo.

  16. Piyush

    Had patchy and dry skin @ hands. Used it for 3 weeks. Dryness and itching reduced, lighter spots and softer skin. Also, started applying on face number of acne spots lightened. Excellent product with visible results if used as suggested or regularly.

  17. Snehal

    Good product. My stretch marks faded in a month of regular use.

  18. Nitika

    This massage oil is best for stretch marks … good for pregnant women..

  19. satviki

    it did worked on stretch marks due to birth. use as recommended..the results can be shown within a week..i am ordering it again.thank u skinyoga

  20. Moha

    This stretch marks oil is very beneficial for me as I used it for nearly a week it showing results as due to sudden growth my skin starting showing stretch marks so on one of my friend recommendation I tried it & the results are amazing

  21. siddhi

    I was looking for an anti-stretch mark and anti-itching product which was chemical free and our gynae suggested this. Have been using this daily twice now since beginning of second trimester. It has very light smell and gets absorbed well. Dont know how many stretch marks i will finally get, but dont have any yet!! And it works for itching as well.

  22. aasta

    I am absolutely impressed by this product and It reduces stretch marks. I like the way it work.

  23. lopa

    I love the smell of this oil

  24. kanak

    Best as compared to other brands and After massaging with this product.

  25. tanushka vikamshey

    It maintaining the skin health. It is free from any type of side effect. I wanna have it

  26. heena

    ITs safe for kids also. perfect skinyoga

  27. ruhi khan abdul

    It helps me well to keep my skin soft and brighter look. its cost is under my budget.

  28. geeta

    Very effective product, makes skin free from pregnancy marks. I like it.But could have been better in fragrance.

  29. alok

    okay not that great but fits in the budget

  30. Rashida

    I love this oil. Because I am 6 months pregnant and i have still not got a single stretch mark on my tummy great product. Go for it. And now my sister is pregnant too n suggest for her n now I apply on my face get great glow on my gave

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