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Our Massage Oil is enriched with antioxidants and a nutrient rich blend of oils to deeply hydrate, improve the texture of the skin and reduce the appearance of scars and stretch marks. Blend of 7 pure oils target appearance of stretch marks and encourage a healthy looking skin.












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102 reviews for Massage Oil -Anti Stretch Marks [100 ml]

  1. Heli

    I am absolutely impressed by this product and It reduces stretch marks. I like the way it work.

  2. Sanjana das

    This is an effective chemical-free product for new moms. Post pregnancy, there is sure to be some flabby skin and stretch marks. Tone it with this muscle tone firming treatment oil.

  3. Shruti

    Thankyou for launching this oil. My sister started using this since the first day of pregnancy and has no stretchmarks !


    The best part is, there is no stain after i use it. So its easy to use everyday.

  5. sarah

    Nice packing and fast delivery. Helps to reduce and prevent the appearance of scars. I will buy.

  6. Ravi

    I am absolutely impressed by this product and It reduces stretch marks. I like the way it work.

  7. suman

    Skinyoga’s Massage oil – Anti Stretch Marks made of natural & effective ingredients in it.

  8. samara

    It made of enrich and essential ingredients that makes skin healthy and nourished.

  9. krishna D

    Best as compared to other brands and After massaging with this product.

  10. Anoop

    I have never ever wrote any product review but i am writing it because i am impressed. Had stretch marks since the days of my puberty on my lower back, side upper chest and i tried everything. Probably famous bio oil, the Iodex wrapping therapy, Aloe-Vera, lemon etc. but nothing worked. I read the review then i bought this product like 40 days ago and after twice use a day, my marks are getting faded and i am applying it regularly.
    I think i am gonna get another bottle now and continue for few months because my marks are 7-8 years old.
    Hoping it will completely vanish.. let’s see. I would recommend this oil to all who are actuallly looking for solution but be regular, be patient.

  11. Harshika

    Review for Massage Oil -Anti Stretch Marks [100 ml]
    ★ ★ ★ ★ ☆

  12. krishna

    Review for Massage Oil -Anti Stretch Marks [100 ml]
    ★ ★ ★ ☆ ☆

  13. prachi bapan

    Review for Massage Oil -Anti Stretch Marks [100 ml]
    ★ ★ ★ ★ ★

  14. Atul

    It is thick and locks the skin moisture for around 8-10 hrs.

  15. Sabiha

    I ordered this product on a friend’s recommendation for use during my pregnancy. As is usual, my skin had thinned and was becoming itchy and dry as it expanded over several months. In my third trimester, I have started using this oil. Thankfully, my itch is relieved, the skin had plumed, and the overall effect is very soothing. I love the fragrance and the combined effect of toning and moisturizing it imparts. The uneven patches due to pigmentation and scarring also seem reduced. I plan to continue using this product to see its long term effect. Very happy with the current results though.

  16. Kusuma

    I love this oil. This makes it possible for me to get through the winter with moisturized, non ichy skin ,smell is very pleasent and most importantly the oil goes on your skin smoothly and absorbs quickly This stuff is amazing, trust the process and use as directed religiously be committed to it and it will work .It wouldn’t make you stretch marks go away but it will fade them a lot and get rid of the sheen and dark shade so you skin look an even tone. Unfortunately the skin will still have small indents but a lot less noticeable .I use on inner thigh and stomach after baby. Also has a pleasent smell the best facial oil also ,the ingredients in this product are natural and gentle however it gently absorbs into your skin and leaves face feeling fresh and moisturized . Keeps my face super smooth and baby soft. Good product at a good price.

  17. Heena

    use it religiously and there is a real change in my skin… I massage it on my skin twice a day… the new stretch marks have turned very very lighter; the old ones will take a little time. Moreover, there is an even tone and smoothness to the skin. It also moisturizes the skin really well; it works well on the dryness of the skin. Regular use definitely gives excellent results…I picked this because it was suggested by a friend who really appreciated it a lot. Only a little amount is required…so a little goes a long way.
    I also have stretch marks on my forehead…I am applying it there as well…as of now, they have become less visible…I will give it a month or two so that this oil can work well…

  18. Bharat

    Fragrance is so good you would want to apply regularly and reap the benefits of this Oil. After 10-15 applications skin is very smooth, small wrinkles are reducing slowly but surely. Packing excellent. Quantity quite enough for a couple of months use. Will buy repeatedly.

  19. Ashish

    I ordered it as I was having red stretch marks on my shoulder due to heavyweight exercise. It helped me to reduce them to low as well as changed to color to my skin color.
    This product is a blend of oils which enhances new skin generation and reduces the marks.

  20. Mohit Singh

    Skinyoga massage oil is a complete nourishing and treatment package for stretch marks, uneven skin tone, and scars. It contains terrific natural ingredients which help to serve the day-to-day need of the skin and treat stretch marks, uneven skin tone, and scars.
    First of all, this oil is entirely made of natural and organic ingredients; therefore, completely free from harmful chemicals and side effects. Have nice texture and scent also.

  21. Jaidhara

    For women who are in early stage of pregnancy like from fourth month have to start applying oil for avoiding itchy feeling when the skin starts to stretch…if u start early the possibility of stretch marks would be lesser…so I found this oil to be having all natural ingredients and also for moisturizing properties I chose this….not only for stretch marks we can use this oil generally for reducing dry skin problems…overall a useful oil and also timely delivery and good packaging by skinyoga

  22. Arijit

    Oil does a good job of diminishing the appearance of those horrible animal prints with constant use. Stretch marks normally appear as red lines on various areas where the skin has overstretched. Eventually, the lines fade and turn pink or even white in colour. It is a thick solution that will have to be applied after your shower.
    Skinyoga massage oil has been recommended to be massaged on the problem areas in circular motion for at least twice a day for a minimum period of three months. Wait, do not react yet.
    Three months is said to only set your expectations but in reality, it can work as early as four weeks of use. For pregnant women,it is advised to be applied on the stomach area as it is the most susceptible to the appearance of stretch marks.

  23. Ninad

    I am using this after joining gym and now i can say that this have changed my body skin more positively than my removed scars,stretch marks and other marks from my skin.use it at night because in night the skin absorbs the oil more effectively.there is no harmful chemical in this and all ingredients are skin can be use by anyone who is serious about their looks.can be use by anyone.

  24. Sanjna

    Regular use of this oil lighten the stretch marks, scars, dark spots very effectively. The toning oil smells refreshing and gets absorbed quickly. It does not make skin feel greasy. Good for improving skin texture and increasing skin elasticity

  25. Sushma

    I’ve noticed a definite lessening of the stretch marks around my thighs, and my skin is left feeling soft and refreshed. Plus a little goes a long way, so even if the bottle is small, it’s going to last me a while. I’m very, very pleased!

  26. Diksha

    Review for Massage Oil -Anti Stretch Marks [100 ml]
    ★ ★ ★ ★ ☆

  27. Anushka

    It totally fades the stretch marks, plus hydrates skin and gives even tone.
    After my pregnancy this is the one helped me to get my skin back.
    Unlike cream, the oil spreads evenly and even skin absorbs quickly.

  28. Rakshita

    I do not have stretch marks but I do suffer from dehydrated skin and uneven skin tone. One of the best thing I found in this skinyoga massage oil is that it is free from synthetic preservatives, fragrances, colorants, and mineral oils. The product claim to combine pure cold pressed oils which are rich in vitamins to promote the formation of new collagen and assist in skin renewal. As I have just started using this oil I cannot claim for the long term benefits but I can do say, that it is helping in combating with my dehydrated skin and even in summers I don’t feel it quite heavy on my body.

  29. Mohini

    These natural oils helps in tightening your facial and body skin,moisturizes it, improves skin tone, provide comfort in stretch marks, and slows down the effects of aging.

  30. Katherine

    Pregnant ladies can apply this oil right from the second trimester to areas that are prone to stretch marks. Stretch marks can happen during pregnancy or due to teenage growth spurts and rapid weight gain. The natural ingredients do take their own sweet time to work on your body but they do work without any side effects and that’s the best part of them.

  31. Simran

    I bought this one for a friend of mine who is as expectant mother. She used it for a couple of days for getting rid of her stretch marks and it worked.

  32. Umi

    Stretch marks are visibly reduced

  33. Keswani

    Reduces the itchiness around the stretch marks. The oil helps to keep the skin properly hydrated. It does have a positive effect in treating stretch marks and dehydrated skin.

  34. Amani

    ven a little amount of oil is enough which makes this bottle a good quantity and worth the money spent. A perfect gift as well! 🙂

  35. Aishwarya

    After years of trying Bio oil to get rid of my stretch marks, I had decided to invest some more and get this product. The oil is thick and pleasant to smell. I have been using it torn 2 weeks now and although it’s a little soon to tell how effective the product is, I have already noticed slight improvements.

  36. Deepali

    The stretch marks on my arms haven’t gotten better but the ones on my legs have definitely come down. It also moisturizes the skin for longer duration.

  37. Prabha

    I bought this for my sister because she just gave a birth to a daughter. And you know very well that after pregnancy every women’s skin get stretch marks. So decided to buy this. And it’s working well as it’s mention. So now talk about the product so it’s 100% chemical free. And it’s good for Stretch Marks, Scars, Skin Toning, Dark Spot, etc. Even you could use for those stretch marks which occurs because of weight changes.

  38. Rashida

    You should use it on regular basis for a quick results. There is no side effects of this product. Fragrance is also good. Just take an appropriate amount according to your need an just apply on your require area and massage gently.

  39. Urmi

    It’s a good product which actually makes your skin tone even and reduces stretch marks.I recommend applying it half an hour before sleep. Must buy if you want a good skin and even skin tone.

  40. Pallavi

    I received it just 2-days back… after using this for last 2 days, I can say, it really brings a difference to the texture of the skin. Skin becomes soft and supple… a good substitute to the other night creams…

  41. Kim

    Just apply a small quantity to the affected area and wake up with an improved skin texture… smell is more medicinal… however, I think that proves the genuineness of the product.I would recommend this… a good buy… nice packaging with good quantity

  42. hiral

    It is an awesome oil that makes skin soft and shiny, it helps to fade dark spots, it is a light weight oil which is less greasy and has a great smell which is very pleasant. It helps in fading stretch marks by continuous use.

  43. Natasha

    The SkinYoga Massage Oil is great to remove those stretch marks as well as smoothen dried skin. The natural ingredients ensures that there are no side-effects on the skin.

  44. Jenna

    I’d ordered this skinyoga massage oil after reading a lot of reviews. This is an amazing product. It has only been 3 weeks since I started using the product and it has started showing changes in my skin already.

  45. Insiya

    I apply the oil only once, in the night. My dried skin looks so much healthier now. This oil has also evened my skin tone. It has also started showing effects on my stretch marks. I love the product.

  46. Veena

    About the oil: It’s loaded with many good natural ingredients. Massage on to skin for at least 15 minutes before taking a shower. Effective in fading stretchmarks and other cellulite damages on skin. Contains natural oils and no harmful chemicals and can be used for kids also.

  47. Bipasha

    love the skin I am in and I do everything to keep it baby soft and supple. Skinyoga Massage Oil does just that perfectly well! It suits my skin and left overnight it works wonders.

  48. Nishita

    It’s almost a month I have been using it and it appears to have diminished few of my dark spots toos. My fine lines have vanished too! I am surprised by all this oil can do to my skin. Go for it!

  49. Vaishnavi

    It makes the skin glow and hydrates the dry skin, great remedy for uneven skin tone. It also works on scars and body marks.

  50. Neetu

    I am in my third trimester and I had itching all over the body. I tried a lot of moisturizers but nothing worked. I thought i will give this a try and it worked like magic. Very soothing, lightweight oil.. Doesn’t have a greasy feeling after applying. And calms down any kind of rash. I would recommend this even as a daily moisturizer oil for cold climates. Worth the price!

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