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Our One step Make up Remover thoroughly removes make-up and dirt build up, whilst soothing and purifying the complexion. This product can be left on skin, there is no need to wash it off. Suitable for waterproof eye makeup. Enriched with shea butter and lavender extracts to remove make up and dirt without feeling oily.












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95 reviews for Makeup Remover – One Step [100 ml]

  1. Mona

    Good stuff, works for dry sensitive skin

  2. Suyarsh

    It is as effective as saying by the company.

  3. Snehal

    The best part about this product is its easy to use feature. You just need to press the pump and the solution comes out. So its easy to handle. Worth trying once.

  4. Nishta

    Takes all ur makeup…..worth the price …..don’t go on the price….u get good quantity….love skinyoga brand

  5. Kiran

    Great cleanser. The pump is very easy to use. Will definitely buy again.

  6. Palak

    Great product… doesn’t make skin dry… easily remove smudge and waterproof makeup…

  7. Manisha

    Removes the makeup well… but not so good for eye makeup.

  8. Sonal

    It’s nice… Clears all the makeup even kajal…. Needs just water to wash the face after removing makeup…. Keep skin soft… Smells like baby wash

  9. Shreema

    The packaging was perfect.
    The product was delivered on time.
    It works wonders in removing makeup. Tried this product for removing matte lipstick and guess what, it vanishes with just a press and swipe.

    I’d recommend this product to each and every makeup lover.

  10. Purvi

    it does remove make up as advertised. Except for waterproof mascara it removes all the makeup. It is very gentle on every skin type. My skin is very sensitive and it works really well with my skin.

  11. Ameera

    It’s good for removing waterproof makeup. Yes, it removes it easily with no hassle.

  12. Leya

    It cleans off most make-up without too much effort.

  13. Apeksha

    This is one of the great makeup removing formula available in the market at this moment. It’s free from chemical ingredients and no added fragrance.

  14. Namrata

    In love with this product. Helps remove lipstick easily without leaving any marks. Also u can also clean your face to clear the dust after coming back home in d evening from work.

  15. Deandra

    Great product.. Really happy with this one…

  16. Hema

    The good side is it can be used for sensitive skin as my skin is sensitive..

  17. Pariniti

    It really works in removing makeup from your face just in one swipe….and it won’t damage the skin and no burning sensation also….it gives you cool sensation

  18. Meghna

    Before I used to use and oil based cleanser for removing everyday makeup. But after buying this i love it. I don’t use waterproof mascara or foundation everyday, but i wear matte liquid lipsticks and it takes it off in seconds. Good for everyday use.

  19. Reema

    Packaging is really very good. Travel friendly.

  20. Chriselle

    As a makeup artist who needs something like this everyday, this makeup remover is great

  21. Varsha

    Dab it on a cotton ball and gently swipe it across desired areas; no need to apply pressure at all. Works like a charm even on 24 hour long stay cosmetics! It may feel oily upon application but don’t worry, it isn’t. I like to follow this up with a toner to ensure this product is removed completely from my skin. I absolutely love it. This is my second bottle!

  22. Palak

    earlier i used to clean my eyes through coconut oil.. which was tough to get clean later on.. But after i tried this.. it removes my kajal n mascara in one go and effortlessly.. n later i just have to wash my face with water. 🙂

  23. Suni

    Best makeup remover i have ever does not have the spray system which is the thing i like the most in a makeup remover.u waste a lot of product when the product is dispenced through a spray it !!

  24. Priyal

    I ordered this solely for removing my Maybelline waterproof mascaras. All you have to do is shake this makeup remover because it is by-phased and does contain a layer of oil. It won’t remove your waterproof makeup in one go, so you’ll need to use it two times for proper removal.

  25. Anisha

    It does remove makeup including your water-proof eyeliner but leaves the face little oily.

  26. Shreema

    sweeps any trace of makeup very clean and this is an oil based cleanser leaves an oily finish but when u wakeup with that the face glows in the morning as it moisturizes and revitalized ur skin while in sleep

  27. Shreema

    I have used so many make up removers. But always come back to this one. Used almost 3 bottles.. It cleans waterproof make up also..realy good.

  28. Nainanaina

    Hands down the Best product for removing makeup . The oil moisturises at the same time and removes the harshest makeup in one glide.. wow!! Its my 3rd bottle.

  29. Meghna

    Specially great for waterproof mascara..The remover is really good..but u need a little product to remove waterproof makeup..

  30. Savana

    Great makeup remover.. Its quite oily though. But removes waterproof makeup perfectly..the quantity is the only issue coz if used everyday wouldn’t last even a month.. But otherwise its a great great product..

  31. Sushmita

    It’s good but it leaves ur face sticky and oily. Overall it serves it’s purpose and removes make-up effectively.

  32. Kim

    Perfect make up remover for intense makeup and waterproof mascara.

  33. Simi

    Nothing else have ever worked like this does.. I have lost the count of which number bottle is this.. Love this

  34. Natasha

    The best make remover ever!!!! I love the pump feature which other make removers don’t have.
    Easy to use.

  35. Anna

    This product deserves 5 star…it removes make up so easily..i have been using all types of makeup remover..all of them comes with this water n oil combination..some were so greacy that it gave me pimple… but abt skinyogabmakeup remover i cant belive is somewhat oily but it cleansed my skin very deeply..

  36. amu

    The product is a half and half with oil and water mixture. We need to shake the bottle really well in order to use the product. This removed my face and eye make up really easily. I just sprayed it 2 to 3 times on my face, massaged it all over and it removed 98% of my makeup. Then i just used my regular face wash & toner. My skin felt really smooth and clear.

  37. Ritu

    I always prefer Skinyoga products. Like other skinyoga product this is also great. 😁😁

  38. Binny

    It’s a oil based makeup remover ,quick work,
    Remove waterproof makeup without a hase
    Oily skin girls also can use it coz the oil don’t stay on the skin.

  39. Nishita

    It keeps my skin fresh and removes make easily without any ichiness and doesn’t hurt eyes either

  40. Geentanjali

    Always using this makeup remover, and always satisfied

  41. Tanisha

    takes makeup off really fast.

  42. Simran

    It’s a very Good product. As my skin is very sensitive this product help to remove makeup easily without harming my skin. Specially eye makeup.

  43. Sumer

    Can go for it.

  44. Biyanca

    Isn’t harsh on my skin, no irritation and takes the makeup off easily. It does leave the face a little oily but that can be taken care of with a cleanser/ facewash/ soap.

  45. Fiyoni

    Time saver and perfection. Would recommend it

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