Face Cream – Brightening & Hydrating [50 ml]

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Face Cream- Brightening

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Our fast-absorbing Face Moisturizer helps deliver essential hydration to delicate skin. Argan Almond and Walnut Oils help promote moisture levels, leaving skin feeling soothed and nourished all day. Pure Argan, Almond and Walnuts prevents aging and balances the skin moisture.












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111 reviews for Face Cream – Brightening & Hydrating [50 ml]

  1. Trisha

    This really really works. I’ve suffered with all kinds of products, but the best thing is after using this, my skin isn’t dry either, it’s just soft and nice in the morning

  2. Rohini

    I purchased the moisturizer, quite happy with the results- This is the best from the range I should say.

  3. Tara

    The wonderful texture is easily absorbed into the skin and leaves it soft, supple, non greasy. Must try for all oily, sensitive and acne proned skin.

  4. Farah

    Very good . Very well priced

  5. Shweta

    I have very oily skin so am very afraid of all kind of face creams but this product is soo lovely😊

  6. Nidhi

    It has got a protective lid so no spillage. Nice product

  7. Ashley

    Absorbing easily into skin, not at all sticky

  8. Lora

    Loved the packaging
    Loved it really. A friend had referred it to me.

  9. Ashwini

    This is a great product, been using it for a month now. I love the packaging

  10. Moha

    Girls with oily skin, it’s a must have for you. You can either use it in the mornings or nights.

  11. Zeenia

    Both me and my mom use it and we love it. It smells light and not heavy on your face

  12. Tejaswini

    Skinyoga products are always great …..in love with this …it brightens and clear the face..

  13. Manisha

    t’s a good moisturizer….makes skin very soft….I have oily skin ..it suits me well

  14. Tarika

    Loved it.
    People with very dry skin like me should definitely get it.

  15. Pratik

    I m giving this review after using is for 2 months. It was the first skinyoga product I have ever used and I have fallen in love.

  16. Alex

    This moisturizer is actually great. soothing fragrance and feels light on skin

  17. Anna

    Awesome product
    Must buy moisturiser

  18. Heer

    My skin is too sensitive…I tried many products even natural home made things but all are fail..then I tried skinyoga face cream forthe very first time..and it’s too much effective…I like it..even it gud for all skin type.

  19. Pavan

    Very good cream non sticky, look moisturiser for day even in winter

  20. Debby

    Moisturizes well, doesn’t leave the skin too oily or too dry. In whole it’s a good product at a reasonable price

  21. Anamika

    I loved this the fragrance is very soothing

  22. Vikas

    It’s a brilliant product with non sticky and smooth skin results.
    Suited my skin.

  23. Eleana

    This product is good. I have tried the product no chemicals is used . Its a natural product .

  24. Ashika

    I got this on discount and was happy with the purchase. Its light and non-sticky while doing the job.

  25. Rajat

    Bought it for my wife. She absolutely loved it.
    Great cream. It’s not too oily or greasy. One of the best moisturizing cream I would say.

  26. Sanjana

    light in texture and, it has very nice fragrance.for this 5/5

  27. Manjit

    This is the best face cream i have used so far.

  28. Akanksha

    Good one but package needs to be more better.it was leaked when I recieved it

  29. Ravikumar

    Best moisturizing cream from an Indian company. I am using it here in south korea. Feeling happy and satiafied than the korean cosmetics.

  30. Harpreet

    This is a very good cream. Its light and smooth and the best part is- it is Harm-Free. Best product especially for the sensitive skin.

  31. Varun

    Good for all types of skin

  32. Warsi

    Very good moisturizer but I dont like the scent.

  33. Jessie

    I love this product so much it is perfect for dry flaky skin

  34. Niharika

    Very nice product. Not so ruuny and not so thick and also not o greasy.. amazing..
    It remains on skin for long hours until you wash it…
    Reviewing after using almost 15days

  35. Jovita

    This is a lighter version of the facial repair oil. It gets easily absorbed. Smells nice

  36. Shubham

    best moisturizer I have used till date, been used many big names before but surely this one will be my go next time. Good if not the best, I’ve oily skin and the best part of it this doesn’t make me feel oily .

  37. Rohini

    Very good moisturizer cream.

  38. Ashika

    Genuine product and timely delivery.
    This moisturizer is very good. It’s light and doesn’t make you feel anything on the skin, while ensuring that your skin remains soft in the dry weather or during the winters. My skin is very dry and this moisturizer works wonders for it. It makes it stay soft without feeling heavy on the skin. Love this product. A must buy!

  39. Darren

    t gets absorbed quickly into the skin and keeps my skin moisturized and hydrated without turning it greasy. My skin type is normal.

  40. Zoya

    I liked it so much , it gives a smooth skin texture and smells so nice
    but the only case it until you apply it you can feel the effect once you wash the face the effect will not and on regular use also it will repair dry skin
    but i am satisfied as it is great moisturizer for skin before you apply heavy makeup

  41. krisha

    Absolutely fabulous…. i liked it more than Garnier one which itself is a very good product ..gets rid of all the grime…

  42. Mona

    One of the best moisturizing product as I have used many like ponds dove and others

    Definitely gives u smoother and bright skin in few weeks

  43. Ninu

    Very good product. Soft and smooth. Price also cheaper.

  44. Pernia

    My family members have been using skinyoga products for 6 years. Best Cream. Skinyoga products always better than others.

  45. Romil

    I like all skinyoga products and this is one of them. Its a good cream without any side effects. It works well on dryness, so it is good for dry skin and for winters too. Delivery was also good. Thanks Skinyoga.

  46. urmi

    The best moisturiser. I usually get rashes or acne with some other brands. But this one is very gentle.

  47. Shauraya

    The Cream is so light weighted yet very Hydrating ! It can be used as a makeup primer also. It helps In diminishing the fine lines & wrinkles on my skin. Packaging is so sleek, proves perfect travel buddy!

  48. ankita gala

    I started using Anti-ageing creams last year but they always felt very heavy and sticky on my face. This SkinYoga’s Face cream is truly Lightweight and as an icing on the cake, it has Anti-ageing benefits too. This doesn’t make my face look sticky but makes it look enough moisturized, thus giving the radiant and brighter look to my face. I have found my perfect lightweight beautiful benefits.

  49. kasturi

    its too greasy, but smells good and also can see the results

  50. Sahil

    The smell of the moisturizer is mesmerizing. Gives such a good feeling. And its the most lightest moisturiser perfect as a makeup base. If you follow the perfect routine of cleanse, serum, moisturizer….your skin will stay soft. My skin is dry and i am in my 40s. This works well for me. Repeat buyer.

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