Body Lotion – Extra Moisturizing [100 ml]

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Body Lotion [New Release]

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Our aromatic Extra moisturizing Body butter replenishes and nourishes the skin’s moisture barrier through its rich blend of oils leaving the skin feeling soothed and hydrated. The rich blend of Argan & Jojoba oils combined with Cocoa butter deeply moisturizes skin.













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104 reviews for Body Lotion – Extra Moisturizing [100 ml]

  1. Russel

    Best in class at this price

  2. Rahul

    it’s very convenient to use the pump pack and also wastage is minimised

  3. Kaushal

    Best from market value.

  4. Rita

    A very useful product especially in winters. But it is good for your body. The fragrance is good. The texture is good. Bottle comes in a user-friendly way.

  5. Shweta

    Amazing. It’s quality product which give smooth skin and it is for Long time.

  6. Shraddha

    Absorbs fast for a non-greasy feel leaving your skin healthy, glowing and smooth.


    This lotion is not greasy, not oily, non-sticky. Skin absorbs it. Also it heals dry cracked skin within 3-4 days. I love it. There is no other lotion like this one as per what I have used so far.

  8. Chitteshwari

    So much better than other big brands. I am using second bottle in last 2 month. Feels great for the whole day.

  9. Meera

    Its a good lotion. Non-greasy. The skin absorbs it quickly. Long lasting with a mild smell.

  10. Jash

    The item is good and doesn’t have intense smell. Overall good product for the price.

  11. Arshia

    It is good at what it meant for – moisturising. In winters, you should use it twice everyday – once in the morning and once before sleeping at all. It is not sticky and grimy – the skin absorbs it very easily. The scent is mild and pleasant.

  12. Tista

    As always good packing
    Good product,
    As always I am satisfied with Skinyoga products

  13. Neel

    very thanks for providing me with the good quality and timely delivery of my order

  14. Happy

    It’s a good body lotion with pleasant smell.

  15. Umesh

    Nice product. Moisture lock for long. Non sticky feel confident all day. Loved it .SkinYoga producst are best. wonderful…

  16. Patrico

    It’s good and not sticky nor oily. I love the soothing effect and fragnance for dry skin

  17. Arun

    Good one…
    Five stars…
    Must use…

  18. Sajjan

    Good product

  19. Ritabrata

    Skinyoga is an awesome brand…..this hydrating lotion quickly absorbs into your skin and gives a smooth touch and with regular use it makes your skin Hydrated

  20. Omar

    It’s a good product…. But it is much less oily in texture…. Absorbs too quickly….

  21. Elisha

    really good lotion with a lovely smell

  22. Vish

    I hate most moisturizers because of the greasy residue. This however is different. Does not leave any greasiness behind. Skin cells soft and fresh. I will be re-ordering!

  23. Mariam

    The name of the product is justified, as it really leaves the skin extra moisturized without making it greasy.

  24. Kyra

    I just loved Skinyoga body range.They never disappoint me. This product is really great for dry skin on winter days. It keeps the skin moisturized for whole day. It’s a value for money product.

  25. Poornima

    Absorbed by skin very fast, and doesn’t leave any oily residue after application. It helps my dry hands hydrate well during winter.

  26. Bhatia

    Best body lotion I have had ever seen. It hydrates but it does not leave any trace that you have used any lotion. No oily stickiness

  27. Varun

    Worth of money. Got full satisfaction. thanks to SKinyoga for giving us a very good product and at cheaper n best price.Love u skinyoga

  28. Geet


  29. Arshia

    I was skeptical of buying this and thought this wont be long lasting – as i need that for very dry summers. This is indeed a good lotion for the dry weather and is long lasting even in dry conditions. it is not sticky or oily and is easily absorbed onto the skin. It keeps the skin moisturised for really long – upto 24 hours. this is a good buy.

  30. Ravi

    This is good Moisturiser… nice fragrance.moisturizes well in skin oiliness..

  31. Roma

    Good product especially for oily skin. Its a light cream and nourishes well. Just right fir oily skin. Gives a cool feeling too!!

  32. Vaidya

    If you don’t like sticky moisturizer then this will be the best low cost product. Great for summers. Smell is average.

  33. Behadi

    It is a good product, and I loved trying it out. Really hydrating and nourishes my (generally oily) skin well in winters.

  34. Vipul

    Fantastic Lotion I’ve ever used

  35. Amit

    Good product and delivered well in time by SkinYOga

  36. Anu

    Nice product. Fresh feel

  37. Bharat

    Nice product

  38. Aditi

    Cooling. Takes a bit of time to get absorbed.

  39. Sanjay

    Very good product ,,,, skinyoga brand always ahead,,,,,

  40. Dr. Rao

    Very refreshing body lotion.

  41. satyani koli

    he fragrance is to die for… I can’t stop sniffing my hands…

  42. kiara dalal

    Best for summers super light and doesn’t cause sweat and absorbed quickly

  43. Esther

    I like the soft feel of the lotion on my skin. Good delivery and good packaging.

  44. Reema

    It was awesome because it’s of Skinyoga company and the best part is that it’s last for at least 24 hours in its most was the skin comparing to another company creams it is is very very suitable to our skin

  45. Gabriella

    I have extremely dry skin and this works well for me in the summer months. Other lotions are too light an doesn’t provide enough moisturisation. THe Pump is also nice since it can be closed off as well. Update – I’m using it during the winter too and it not only moisturises my skin but softens it too over time. Love it. No scent and gets absorbed fast.

  46. Kritika

    Skinyoga is perfect nourishing lotion in winter..having good smell n smooth feel…

  47. Mohsin

    It is super absorbent and moisture lasts well enough too. If you like super absorbent and long lasting lotion, Skinyoga is the way to go!

  48. Praba

    Moisturises quiet well completely eradicates skin dryness . Have been using it for about a month and no sign of stickyness/oiliness and also gets absorbed by the skin quite fast

  49. JK

    The product is as expected…very good for skin for daily purpose harsh and dry for long hours..(just give it 10-15 get soaked on skin..)

  50. Laila

    This is my saviour during winters. It moisturises my extremely dry, itchy skin well and keeps it hydrated for approximately 7-8 hours. Its consistency is amazing, thick yet not greasy and it’s like a body butter

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