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7 Days Detox Program

7 Days Detox Program

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The 7 Days Skin Detox Program includes:

 Online skin quiz

 7 Days of skincare DIYs with easily available ingredients.

 7 Face DIYS and 7 Drinks for skin detox

 Food/Lifestyle hacks for skin detox

 Daily routines sent to your whatsapp

 Flexible program start date

The Program is designed to detox your skin inside out within 7 days. With the help of expertly curated DIYs, the 7 days skincare program will target different areas of the skin in combination with specific drinks and lifestyle hacks and help you reset the skin.

Before the program begins, we will get your details, understand your skin type and then give you the appropriate Detox plan!

No extra products or brand endorsements.


Detox now!

                                                     *Limited Seats
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