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7 Days Face Yoga Program

7 Days Face Yoga Program

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This program includes 7 days of live sessions with Deepika Jhunjhunwala where she will cover different facial parts every day. Learn how to sculpt and tighten your facial muscles. All you need is a facial oil that suits you.

Day 1: Under eyes / Dark circles / Eye area

Day 2: Cheekbones

Day 3: Jaw Area

Day 4: Neck / Necklines

Day 5: Laughing lines / Mouth area

Day 6: Head Massage

Day 7: Full Face Anti-aging massage.


✔️Releases stress
✔️Improves blood circulation, skin healing & repair
✔️Tones muscles, lifts the skin
✔️Plumps out wrinkles tighten the skin
✔️Improves lymphatic drainage, reduces water retention, puffiness & inflammation
✔️Enhances penetration of serums & other skincare products

Duration: 30 minutes daily

Time: 6:30 PM (Indian Standard time)

Instructor: Mrs. Deepika Jhunjhunwala

*No recordings will be provided for the session.

*Limited Seats Available

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