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Talks about day to day life and skincare routine for healthy living.

Beauty Secrets from Asia

Makeup and Skincare date back to almost 7000 years ago, with historical evidence of its initial presence in Egyptian and Greek societies. Decades of experimentation has given us some of the best-kept beauty secrets that have now laid the foundation for many skincare brands today. Asian beauty rituals, in particular, have always caught the eye […]

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common skin problems

The largest organ of the human body is the skin. It acts as a barrier between the external environment and everything inside us thereby preventing germs from entering our system. It is so versatile in nature that it performs a number of functions. Apart from acting as a barrier, it also eliminates toxins and chemicals […]

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can going vegan benefit the environment?

  Veganism has slowly started to gain popularity in the present world. It is being said that 2019 is the year of the vegan. But not a lot of people are aware of the many benefits of this lifestyle. For those who are not aware of the concept, it is a lifestyle that eliminates food, […]

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The gut feeling

Is your ‘gut feeling’ good? If not, then you should probably pay attention to it. Our gut is what sets our body into motion. It is also called the second brain. Studies show that 60% of our immune system lies in the gut. Our gut health has A LOT to do with the majority of […]

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The mind-body connection

   When we talk about health and wellbeing we usually only refer to physical health. People are always so focused on eating healthy and making sure they visit their doctors for regular checkups. That is certainly a must, but the term health goes much more beyond just physical wellbeing. Our emotions affect our body in […]

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Harmful chemicals that are in your ‘natural’ products

‘Natural’ and ‘Organic’ are currently the most popular terms in skincare today. People are switching to natural skincare brands and the trend is only increasing. But what we fail to understand is that a lot of these brands are greenwashing their products. This means that they claim their products are natural and organic when in […]

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Why you need to start using crystals ?

Apart from looking beautiful, crystals are said to hold enormous energy with healing properties that go beyond just physical wellbeing. They are said to have to ability to vibrate at different frequencies, which is why they are used in everyday things like clocks and calculators. But the use of these precious gems goes way beyond […]

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Skin Care Blogs

Masterclass 1: Natural Ingredients For Dark Circles Under Eyes

Namaste SkinYogis,

In this post, we are going to discuss the natural ingredients for dark circles under eyes:

Along with the fast connectivity and mobile entertainment, technology brought screens into our hands and dark circles under our eyes! Sleeplessness and work overload were the two most contributing factors to forming dark circles, screens made it even more difficult because that hour-long DIY beauty tutorial becomes easy to watch while you lay on your bed after a long day of subjecting your eyes to various tortures.

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What is Yoga?

What is Yoga all about?

I’m sure you would have seen people at the top of their energy for the whole day, while you barely make it to the coffee break, and when you ask them what their secret is, it’s always Yoga!

Fed up with the same answer again and again and feeling unfair, we finally take a dive into uncovering yoga, the most trending workout regime all over the world. Let’s find out why it is so hyped! Read more

Is a Vegan Diet Healthy


Have you heard of Bear Grylls? The man has, on Television, eaten maggots, sheep, camels and even snakes, for survival. Read more

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