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Clean beauty products VS DIY recipes- What's the difference?

_ _The skincare and beauty industry is finally switching back to the old ancient products instead of the toxic formulations. Natural and organic is what people are slowly demanding and opting for because of the growing awareness about toxic chemicals. The sisters grew up using all things natural. We adore the age-old DIY recipes that have been passed onto us by our elders. However, there is something which is so important to understand amidst this whole clean beauty revolution.

__ A question we get asked often is _How are your products any different from homemade beauty products?_ѝ. We want to tell you exactly why a DIY recipe from your kitchen is very different from what we at Skinyoga and many other clean beauty brands have to offer in our products. So what makes SkinYoga products different from something you can whip up in your kitchen? Here_s a list-



__ Quality is key when it comes to anything that you put inside and outside your body. Not all things available to us are created equal. For example, raw organic manuka honey is very different from the usual honey. If you are using regular honey in your DIY recipes that aren't raw and organic, you aren't getting any of the benefits of honey because those are lost in the heating process. So essentially, your DIY honey mask won't be doing anything for your skin. Even worse, you could be putting toxic chemicals that are present in the substance on your skin. For our products at SkinYoga, we procure the highest quality ingredients for our products and follow a strict procedure to make sure what we are using is natural and organic. This makes our products not only unique and safe but also effective as you are getting all the benefits of the ingredients, is the best quality.


Formulation & Consistency

__ The major difference between a DIY recipe and a store-bought clean beauty product is that the latter has been formulated to be effective, hygienic and stable. This ensures that you will get the same result and consistency every time. Another important point to note here is that when a product is formulated, it means that it has been specifically made safe to use topically which is why many products have to undergo a process. Take a look at our facial repair oil, which has ginger and orange peel in it. These have been extracted and made into a stable ingredient. If you were to apply ginger directly on your skin, it would burn! When you buy a product that is formulated, you are getting the finished product that has been made safe to use on the skin and not just ingredients put in a bottle.



__ Clean beauty products also undergo stability tests to ensure the ingredients remain stable in various environments and do not react. All of these processes require professional expertise and measures. This is why clean beauty products tend to be a little more expensive than usual because not only are you getting the best quality natural ingredients, but you're getting them ready to use in the safest way.


__ This doesn't mean DIY recipes are bad. We do like using them and swear by many DIY recipes for our hair, body, and skin. But when doing so, you should always make sure you are using the ingredients that can be used without formulation. And for the ones that are not do it yourself appropriate, invest in a good product for that and you will see the results!


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