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Masterclass 1: Remedies for Dark Circles

Namaste SkinYogis,

In this post, we are going to discuss the natural remedies for Dark Circles.

Along with the fast connectivity and mobile entertainment, technology brought screens into our hands and dark circles under our eyes! Sleeplessness and work overload were the two most contributing factors to forming dark circles, screens made it even more difficult because that hour-long DIY beauty tutorial becomes easy to watch while you lay on your bed after a long day of subjecting your eyes to various tortures.

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What is Yoga?

What is Yoga all about?

I’m sure you would have seen people at the top of their energy for the whole day, while you barely make it to the coffee break, and when you ask them what their secret is, it’s always Yoga!

Fed up with the same answer again and again and feeling unfair, we finally take a dive into uncovering yoga, the most trending workout regime all over the world. Let’s find out why it is so hyped! Read more

Is a Vegan Diet Healthy


Have you heard of Bear Grylls? The man has, on Television, eaten maggots, sheep, camels and even snakes, for survival. Read more

Why Organic Skin Care

Early to rise.

Did you know, it takes only 233 milligrams of lead to kill you. A bullet weighs 7,500 milligrams. You are much more likely to die from lead poisoning, than by a lead bullet, yet we fear the bullet more. The poisons of urban living have crept into our bloodstreams and are grasping at the last shreds of our wellness, and have declared war upon human health. Read more

best organic product

Top 5 best organic skincare one must opt [June 2018]

Today we will talk about the best organic skincare routine, what to do in this routine and what products you should be using. There are many occasions where one comes in contact with pollution and dirt and such unwanted noises can put not only your face but also your skin into a menace. Stick with us till the end as we will also present best products from Skinyoga which can fight against daily dullness on your skin. Read more

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