Top 7 Healthy Eating Habits You Should Adopt

It is never easier to swap a delicious cheesy pizza for a salad, we totally understand. Eating healthy does not have to be extremely drastic. There are simple things you can do everyday to be more mindful about what you put into your body. Here are 7 healthy eating habits from the SkinYoga sisters that you can develop to eat better, while still enjoying food!


Don’t starve yourself

   It might seem funny as we are talking about eating, but it is as important as it can get. When you are hungry and starve yourself, you harm your body no lesser than overeating or eating junk food. While hunger saps your energy, it also disturbs your rhythm of eating. Starving yourself can also cause you to end up overeating after being hungry for such a long period of time. So to keep feeling energized and keeping your rhythms intact, don’t forget to grab a bite in those 20 minute breaks.


Drink water

The benefits of drinking water are endless. If you feel the pangs of hunger every now and then, sometimes it’s just your mind misunderstanding your thirst! Who knew, right? Try this. Drink water about 30 minutes before eating, that way you’ll know if you are really hungry. What you can do is set alarms on your phone as a constant reminder to keep drinking up!


Eat happily

   People have started following strict diets, but they are not very happy about it. It does not help if you are following it unwillingly because you will not be able to keep up with it in the long run. Eating a waffle with a smile would be less harmful than eating a bowl of salad with a frown. Well don’t go by this advice, only filter in the good bits. The point is to enjoy what you eat. It’s time to explore new recipes and experiment with food. Healthy food does not have to be boring at all! Moral of the story? Love your food.


Moderate protein

   Nowadays, a lot of people are buying synthetic protein in big bottles and consuming protein like it is the end of the world. Just in case you didn’t know, protein overdose can cause cancer. So, instead of consuming synthetic proteins, shift to proteins that come from natural resources. Moreover, a balanced diet is what you should be looking at. Excess of anything, be it protein too, is never good!


Avoid processed sugar

   Our sweetheart sugar is the civilised cousin of cocaine. Try to replace the use of refined sugar in your cooking. Apart from the long term health problems like diabetes, there are also short term effects. Sugar provides a temporary energy boost but sends your energy levels crashing down after a few hours leaving you lazier than before. As the saying goes, if it provides you with a quick high it will definitely serve a quick low.


Organise your pantry in a smart way

   Eating healthy does take some practise, but it also takes a little bit of psychological understanding. Think about it, it is harder to eat unhealthy if you make it hard to do right? Organize your kitchen in a way that makes it easier for you to reach out for the healthier foods- for example, keep fruits on the table, and chips in the highest hard to reach shelf instead. This just makes our efforts a little bit easier to keep up with and helps us to develop good habits.


Portion size is essential

   The key to eating healthy is eating smaller meals, and smaller portion sizes. This allows your body to digest food better and you are eating just enough. Eating 5 small meals in a day is actually much more effective than eating 3 big meals. To make sure you don’t overeat, a great hack is to eat in smaller plates and bowls. This tricks your mind into thinking you’re eating more as your plate looks full rather than half empty if you were to eat in a a bigger plate.

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