Skincare Problems Women Face During Pregnancy

   Something that a lot of women face during pregnancy is skin issues. Hormones can certainly create havoc in your body and not to forget your skin. Pregnancy too, comes with a lot of bodily changes. While your skin might have that extra glow, your hormones are all over the place. Many of these skin problems are associated with this hormonal imbalance. This calls for a change in your skincare routine. Developing a special skincare routine in particular can be helpful in order to combat these problems and their long term effects. Let’s go through some of the major skin problems and how you can treat it safely.


Hyper sensitivity and redness

   During pregnancy, your skin might become sensitive to products that would previously work well. If you suffer from certain skin conditions, those might worsen as well. So definitely include a soothing mask into your skincare routine. Something like the sandalwood saffron face mask will calm any irritation. Overall, use products that are non irritating and gentle on the skin.


Pigmentation/ melasma

   Since your body goes through quite a bit of hormonal changes, your pigment stimulating hormones increase. This along with your skin’s increased hypersensitivity usually leads to melasma or pigmentation. The first step to combat this is to ensure you always wear a good broad spectrum sunscreen. To treat the pigmentation, opt for a natural source of vitamin c, like our almond orange face scrub.


Hormonal acne

   This is a common side effect of hormonal changes in the body. Hormonal acne is usually cystic and more painful. One thing to keep in mind is that during pregnancy it is best to stay away from conventional acne treatments. Choose detoxifying natural ingredients that will help with acne like the Green Tea Face Mask.


Drier/ Oilier skin

   Some women may experience oily skin issues while some might have drier skin. This is where your water intake becomes extremely relevant. Drink a lot of water and you can even eat your water in the form of fruits like watermelon, kiwis, etc. Topically, you can add a good face oil to your skincare routine. Not only are they safe to use, but they also help balance out your skin. Our facial repair oil is perfect as it will help heal your skin overnight and also moisturize it.


   There are certain ingredients that you should absolutely avoid since they are not considered safe to use during pregnancy-




1) Retinol

   You want to avoid any skincare products with retinol (also called Retin- A) during pregnancy, since it could cause birth defects.


2) Salicylic Acid & Benzoyl peroxide

   These are two common acne treatments. While there is no evidence of these causing harm while applied topically, when used in large quantities they can have have negative effects on your baby’s health.


3) Hydroquinone

   Found in anti- pigmentation products, hydroquinone has a high absorption rate that is not considered safe for pregnant women.


4) Parabens

   This one is a big no for everyone! But during pregnancy, it is even more dangerous as it is known to cause infertility, risk of miscarriage and even impaired fetal growth.


5) Essential Oils

   Generally, essential oils are really good but because of their high concentrations and effects, some of them are not to be used during pregnancy since they can trigger negative effects.            




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