6 Tips To Minimize Toxins During Pregnancy

   Pregnancy is a wonderful experience. But in today’s world where we are exposed to numerous toxins, changing up your lifestyle when you are expecting has never been more important. Ofcourse, we cannot avoid every single toxin but we can minimize our exposure to these as much as possible to safeguard our baby’s health. Here are a few guidelines that will help you when making the switch to a nontoxic beauty and wellness routine-


Toss out all your conventional personal care products

Pregnant or not, you should be switching your chemical filled personal care products for natural and non toxic ones. This is particularly more important when you are pregnant because you don’t want to expose your baby to any harmful chemicals.



Read ingredients carefully

   Always, always make it a point to read the ingredient list of anything you purchase. Quite often, harmful chemicals are hidden under terms like ‘fragrance’. In short, if you find something questionable in the ingredients then go for another option.

Use a good sunscreen

       If there is one product that should always be constant in any of your skincare routines, it is sunscreen! Never skip on sunscreen. However, you want to avoid sunscreens with ingredients like oxybenzone and many others which are known to disrupt hormones and cause many other health problems. Look for a mineral based sunscreen with zinc oxide or titanium dioxide instead.


Skip on those treatments

   Hair and body treatments may contain toxic products. We all know that hair dyes or chemical treatments aren’t the safest, so it is best to skip them all together as you don’t want to be sitting in a salon inhaling fumes of many chemical products. One thing that you can indulge in is a good massage using natural products.

Eat organic, whole foods

   Eating organic produce ensures you’re consuming less pesticides. Organic means it is not genetically modified, free of pesticides , growth hormones and overall just cleaner. This also calls for eating more whole, unprocessed foods. Most packaged food available is overly processed and filled with chemicals to preserve it. Overly processed food is much harder for the body to digest as well. Besides, whole and unprocessed food is much more nutritious. A simple way to make sure you’re not consuming toxic food is to eat home cooked food. It is much easier as you know what is going into your food.


Avoid plastic as much as you can

   No I’m not saying to ditch all the possible plastic items you have, but avoid it where it is realistically possible. For instance, do not heat food in microwave safe plastic. Even if it says its safe, it’s likely that tiny toxic particles from the plastic are entering your food. Heat and plastic just do not react well together. This also goes for any personal care products like skincare which come in plastic packaging. Always make sure the ingredients do not react with the packaging and store them in a cool dark place away from sunlight.


   These are simple measures one can take to avoid exposure to toxins. Before switching to any product, always consult your doctor. And most importantly, always keep educating yourself about ingredient safety and research for safer alternatives. Your baby’s health depends on yours, so be mindful.






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