The Power Of Positive Thinking

   Throughout our lives, we experience countless situations that can often times make us feel like we have no control over things. We have all come across the saying that “everything happens for a reason”, right? But how many of us actually believe in that really? You are allowed to be upset or sad when things don’t work out. That’s what makes us human. We can feel emotions. That’s not negativity. How you react to that situation at the end is what determines how you make yourself feel and where you end up. The problem arises when you let your thoughts and emotions control you. What we tell ourselves becomes our thoughts and our thoughts become actions. So if you are feeding your mind with negative thoughts how is the outcome going to be positive actions! Always remember, you have the power to control your life and your choices.


   In reality though, it can be hard to be positive consistently. But just like you go to the gym to train your body, you can train your mind too. It is a flexible muscle. Think about it. As kids, we never thought about limitations and we used to think everything is possible. You aren’t born with these thoughts, opinions or behaviours. You develop them over time. We can change the way we process our thoughts. We can try by practising and developing habits that reinforce a positive mindset and remove bad behavioural habits that reinforce a negative mindset. However, it is not something that will happen overnight. It’s a journey and a process. It’s all about taking small steps that will eventually lead you to developing the habit of positive thinking overtime. The placebo effect, law of attraction, and many more theories like these all have one common belief- positivity. If you think negative, you get negative results. On the other hand, if you have a positive outlook to life, good things will happen.


   For us to start SkinYoga as well, it wasn’t easy at all. But we kept going and believed in what we were doing. People still say things like “I could make this product in my kitchen!”, but it is our job to make them understand the difference in what we sell as opposed to something that you just DIY at home. We have made sure to use the best quality of each ingredient in our products and that takes a lot of research and work. All of them have been tried and tested to see at what quantity they are effective and how they have to be used. It has taken us a lot of trial and error to create our products and build a brand around it. People tell you how great it is to be your own boss, but not many people know how much effort and hard work it takes to get there. Not everyday is a success. There are a lot of failures that come along the way and it’s just a part of it. But what is important is to keep going ahead and learning from failures, not letting it stop you. We have a choice of what we become when we are faced with failure, rejection or just a bad life experience. You can either let it hinder your growth or you can take that experience and make yourself stronger by learning from it.


   Now the question is, how does one change his/her mindset? Here’s how-


Self Awareness

   The very first step is self awareness. Only once you realise when you are being negative is when you can start to change that thought. Replace those negative thoughts with positive ones. Practising this daily is going to reinforce a positive mindset. If you do something good, compliment yourself! You should be your biggest fangirl.


Stop Overthinking

   We attract what we think. So instead of worrying about what ifs and how am I going to do it, look at it as a fun challenge.


Positive Relationships

   Surround yourself with positive people. You know when someone is in a bad mood and their bad mood can soon rub off onto you? Whereas if your friend is super energetic and happy, it can instantly brighten up your mood too.


Believe In Yourself

   If you have a dream, believe in it even if no one else understands what you’re doing. Worrying and overthinking gets you nowhere.


Learn and Grow

   Fill your mind with positive things. The information you consume is filling up your mind. So instead of scrolling through Instagram the first thing you wake up, read a motivational book or listen to a podcast instead. Do things that help you learn and grow like learning a new language or travel to someplace.


Alone Time

More importantly, become comfortable being alone. Understand yourself, your thoughts. Build a strong positive relationship with yourself, it is the most beautiful thing.


   The minute you start looking at life with a more positive perspective, things change. “Fake it till you make it” is so underrated but seriously. If you were to have seen your future and found out that what you were working towards finally worked out, wouldn’t you work 10 times harder and worry less? Just like that, act as if you have already achieved until you actually do. Soon positivity will be like second nature to you.





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