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The largest organ of the human body is the skin. It acts as a barrier between the external environment and everything inside us thereby preventing germs from entering our system. It is so versatile in nature that it performs a number of functions. Apart from acting as a barrier, it also eliminates toxins and chemicals out of the body through sweat glands, regulates body temperature, facilitates the production of Vitamin D and melanin, and gives us the ability to touch and feel things.


   Since it is multifunctional, there are also many problems that come with it. People who suffer from a skin condition find it difficult to go about their daily activities sometimes, as just like any other disease it can take a toll on our health. They not only affect us physically but can also have an emotional impact. Most skin conditions are a sign of some underlying digestive issue inside our body. I’m going to talk you through some of the common skin conditions and how natural remedies can be used to manage or maybe even cure them.


  • Acne

   Acne causes spots and pimples on the skin. It can be a result of clogged pores, food allergies or a hormonal imbalance. Usually, acne can be cured by following a good skin care regime and eating healthy. In the case of a food allergy or hormonal problems, steps can be taken to cure the underlying problem and hence get rid of the symptoms.


  • Eczema/ Dermatitis

   Eczema or Dermatitis is a broad term used for a number of skin conditions like atopic dermatitis, seborrheic dermatitis, contact dermatitis and many more. It is an inflammatory skin disorder that results in dry, irritated, flaky skin which can also be accompanied by itchiness and pain. A variety of factors such as environmental, topical or food allergies and stress lead to eczema flare-ups. Coconut oil, honey, and shea butter are great natural remedies for reducing the itchiness and dryness caused during a flare-up.

  • Psoriasis

   A skin disease that is similar to eczema is psoriasis. However, it is more severe in nature as the root cause is a hyperactive immune system. This skin condition accelerates the lifecycle of skin cells which leads to thick, dry flaky silvery patches on the skin. The common triggers are stress, cold and infections. People who suffer from psoriasis are also at a higher risk of developing psoriasis arthritis, higher blood pressure, type 2 diabetes, and heart disease. With psoriasis, the best option to help manage the symptoms is to include foods which contain probiotics, high-fiber, zinc, and anti-oxidants. One such food is turmeric which contains the active ingredient curcumin in it, has been proven to help reduce psoriasis flare-ups. An oat bath is also said to help soothe the irritation of the skin.


  • Rosacea

   It is a common inflammatory skin problem which presents itself in the form of redness and visible blood vessels along with small pus-filled pimples that are often mistaken for acne. It usually affects people who have fair skin, although an unhealthy gut or genes can also be factors. Flushed skin is the most prominent symptom and hence natural ingredients like green tea or aloe vera when applied to the skin can minimize the redness due to its anti-inflammatory properties.


   Since eczema, psoriasis, and rosacea are inflammatory conditions, stress also acts as a trigger. Therefore, try practicing relaxation techniques or exercises like yoga for stress management.


  • Bacterial Infections

   Some types of bacterial infections are folliculitis, cellulitis, impetigo, and tinea. These are mild and can be cured with natural remedies like tea tree oil or apple cider vinegar which work great to fight off bacteria.


  • Skin Cancer

   Skin cancer is a serious condition in which there is an abnormal growth of skin cells due to exposure to harmful UV rays. This is most often through sun damage or procedures that use UV radiation. Make sure to wear a broad spectrum sunscreen with a minimum SPF of 30 every day, even if you are not stepping out in the sun. Avoid procedures like tanning beds that use radiation.


   Some of these skin conditions are not curable but they can be improved by making these lifestyle changes. Diet plays a very key role in every skin condition so make sure to watch what you eat!




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