Masterclass 1: Natural Ingredients For Dark Circles Under Eyes

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In this post, we are going to discuss the natural ingredients for dark circles under eyes:

Along with the fast connectivity and mobile entertainment, technology brought screens into our hands and dark circles under our eyes! Sleeplessness and work overload were the two most contributing factors to forming dark circles, screens made it even more difficult because that hour-long DIY beauty tutorial becomes easy to watch while you lay on your bed after a long day of subjecting your eyes to various tortures.

Common Causes:
Apart from that fashion tutorial mentioned a while ago, there are a few common reasons that make your eyes look like a drug addicts’.

1. Skin Irritation: The skin around the eyes is relatively more sensitive to the products and ingredients then the rest of the face. This part of your face reacts more and in the end shows clear signs of rejection for the ingredient used.
2. Sleep Routine: This might sound repetitive, but that doesn’t make it any less important. Sleep is a very important factor for the rest for eyes, lack of sleep or even irregular sleep schedule makes it harsh on the eyes and thus eyes develop puffiness and dark circles as a sign of overuse.
3. Overuse of screens: This is gradually leading to become the no. 1 reason for dark circles, as the world is shifting to digital, screen time during work has become inevitable, but whatever screen time that accounts for personal use or entertainment adds to the long shift of eye strain from work.
4. Unhealthy Habits: Unhealthy habits of anything are almost as dangerous as not following a habit, as it messes with the rhythm of the body. Unhealthy food habits, Smoking and Stress are common contributors to that dark patch under your eyes.
Widely Used Natural Remedies and Natural Ingredients For Dark Circles Under Eyes

1. Cold Packs of Natural Ingredients: Cold packs made of natural ingredients such as peas, cucumber, raw potato and tea bags instead of solid ice packs. In under 10 minutes, you can relieve your eyes from strain and puffiness as these natural ingredients will sooth the under eye area.

2. Whole Milk: Milk is widely used for skin remedies due to its purifying and regenerating effect on the skin. Using cotton soaked in cold, whole milk, and placing it on the eyes for 15- 20 minutes will not only soothe the eyes but also help in healing the under eye skin a little better.

3. Coconut Oil: Coconut Oil is the master element of all good skin routines. Its moisturizing power has been healing dry skin problems for ages, and the same power can be the reason to use it for the dry skin under our eyes. As it takes some time for the skin to absorb the oil in its pure form, it is advised to use it overnight. That’s why it is considered the one of the best natural ingredients for dark circles under eyes.

4. Moisturizer: This is not as much as a remedy as common skin care tip, as mentioned above, the skin is very sensitive and thin under the eyes, thus, it becomes even more important to take care of the moisturizing it to avoid defect caused from sunlight, screens and other elements.

5. Almond Oil: Almond oil is used as an ingredient for glow and lightening, similar to coconut oil, it can be left overnight and massaged for a few minutes to nourish the under eye skin.

6. Aloe Vera Gel: Another master ingredient for skincare, known for the soothing and hydrating the skin. Leave the gel on for 15 minutes to freshen the skin and vitalize it.

Apart from these natural ingredients for dark circles under eyes, we also wish to help people who have still not had them, to prevent having them.

1. Lifestyle Changes: This has become a very generic precaution, probably because the lifestyle has become unhealthy and deteriorates our health on a regular basis. Eat healthily and maintain balance in other aspects of your life such as work-life balance, sleep time, screen time etc.

2. Pollution: Use proper methods to protect your skin, not just under the eye but also everywhere else, overall skin health is equally important.

3. Eye Health: Maintain proper health of eyes and wash them regularly to clean and freshen the eyes and keep them free of strain and dirt.

4. Cosmetics: Do not use any cosmetics without fully understanding the impact of the ingredients on your skin. As the popular saying goes,

“Don’t put it on your skin, if you won’t put it in your mouth”.

5. Quick Fix: A lot of alternatives are pushed out as ‘Quick fixes’ to dark circles. Although these products help in nourishing the area under the eyes, there is no harmless method to reverse long-term damage with a quick fix.

6. Organic Living: Due to the increasing ease of artificial products, the lifestyle that involved organic, safe ingredients is lost. Not only your skin but your entire body was supposed to be sustained naturally and it did for generations, and it still can, ingredients lose nourishment as the processing increases. Live as organic as possible.

These remedies and tips are pretty effective but not at all supposed to be exclusive. There are hundreds of natural ingredients for dark circles under eyes out there. If you are aware of a safe, organic remedy or any tip to avoid skin problems, share it with the community by commenting!

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