What is Yoga all about?

I’m sure you would have seen people at the top of their energy for the whole day, while you barely make it to the coffee break, and when you ask them what their secret is, it’s always Yoga!

Fed up with the same answer again and again and feeling unfair, we finally take a dive into uncovering yoga, the most trending workout regime all over the world. Let’s find out why it is so hyped!

Yoga has become a very common word that almost everyone has some idea about. Today, Yoga is not only popular in India but has had quite some following from the western countries as well.

Although popular in the western culture as a form of exercise, Yoga in its pure form is much more than just stretching and staying in uncomfortable poses for a few minutes. Yoga is basically for the physical, mental and spiritual well-being. Along with physical health it promotes a certain level of discipline and meditative way of living. But, I don’t understand people going crazy all over the world.

So, what actually, is Yoga?

Yoga was designed as a stairway to ultimate health and well-being. The exercise in yoga develop the core and promote mental and spiritual balance. There is a lot of research going on whether Yoga can be considered a substitute for medical attention. Of course, the results are not enough to declare it as a form of medical therapy, but just like any other means, if Yoga is practiced regularly, it can promote the health of the practitioner. In current times, Yoga is not followed as a whole, but only as a workout routine and somewhat about eating healthy.

Some great words, but still not completely grasping what is it all about?

What is it useful for?
Common uses of Yoga include:

  • Reducing stress and anxiety
  • Maintaining a healthy lifestyle
  • As a form of exercise for overall health
  • Complementary with medical attention

Even when only a small part of Yoga is adopted by the western culture, they are almost overwhelmed by the positive impact of the method. The most common purpose of Yoga in the western world is to relieve stress and anxiety. It is also widely used as a workout. Starting to understand now, why all those who go to Yoga are so tension free and excited about the same day, which you might be so lousy about.

Finally, Why the hype in current times?
We need Yoga now more than ever, considering the problems caused by the current lifestyle and inventions of technology that makes everyone deeply engrossed in their social networks.

In such a situation, a 10-minute breather, away from all the rubble of our fast-paced life, seems magical. In fact, many successful people including sports stars such as LeBron James credit Yoga for their health. Some corporates have instilled the culture in their organization, where the CEO does Yoga with their employees.

It is clear now that Yoga is something we should definitely explore, and experience on our own. That is the only way to fully understand the hype around yoga.

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