Have you heard of Bear Grylls? The man has, on Television, eaten maggots, sheep, camels and even snakes, for survival.
Now, I shall introduce the concept of veganism.

Veganism is a way of living which seeks to exclude, as far as is possible and practicable, all forms of exploitation of, and cruelty to, animals for food, clothing or any other purpose.
Sounds great, right? Right?…

“Not exactly”: said the smarter ones of us.

It’s not as if the “non-vegan” people promote cruelty to animals, is it? Do they, in all earnesty, wish to exploit animals? Not quite,
Why is it then, that the “non-vegans” resort to killing and consuming the flesh of helpless animals?
Quoting BBC:”It’s a tale of two worlds, really,” says Andrew Jarvis of Colombia’s International Centre for Tropical Agriculture. “In developed countries, vegetarianism would bring all sorts of environmental and health benefits. But in developing countries, there would be negative effects in terms of poverty.”
Hence, it is not for personal entertainment that people eat “products that exploit animals”, but by virtue of their survival instincts.

Now, the smarter ones of us, becoming brave enough ask: “Then are these vegans so dumb as to not to see this?”.
Trying not to hurt sentiments, I reply, “No, they too have a somewhat valid point.”
Because the vegan diet consists of lighter foods, which put less strain on the fragile digestive tract of ours, it has health benefits that are extremely apparent.

Vegan lifestyle has been noted to be a healthier lifestyle, while consumption of red meat has been linked to aggression as well as lethargy.
However, the vegan way of life is unsuitable for the kind of population composition and development status that we, as Indians, experience.

Our economy is dependant upon our consumption of “non-vegan” foods, and millions of livelihoods are linked to the supposed “exploitation” of animals.

If we were to adopt veganism for our individual health, the health of India, as a country, will surely be endangered.
Not as smart ones, curious as are, ask “So, what should I do?”
Ask yourselves whether you can afford to be Vegan?

Are you willing to let your Milkman, Grocer, Honey Merchant suffer unemployment for certain health benefits to you?
You might be, and though heavy on the conscience, you can even justify it.
But the problem with veganism is that it states cruelty towards animals in order to justify the shift.
Vegans believe that what they are doing is right as they are saving an animal life from misery, while what they are causing is endangerment of millions of human lives.
Nature is a very delicate system, which, when understood, can provide us with everything we require.

The converse to is true.

Everything that nature has provided us with is something we require.
Extracting natural items, that Veganism believes to be causing harm to animals are in fact necessary to establish balance in the ecosystem.

It is thus, a great dilemma that we face: ” Should we make fun of the Vegans?”.
Honestly, we should, for their misplaced beliefs might result in you being unemployed for the rest of your life.
However, we must also approach the subject objectively, understand its implications, and make a choice. Would you want a supposedly healthier lifestyle, over the possibility of causing grief to your community?
Can you live with the weight of knowledge?

It is not veganism that is ignorant, it is the notion that people are vegan out of nobility and compassion for fellow lives.

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