Early to rise.

Did you know, it takes only 233 milligrams of lead to kill you. A bullet weighs 7,500 milligrams. You are much more likely to die from lead poisoning, than by a lead bullet, yet we fear the bullet more. The poisons of urban living have crept into our bloodstreams and are grasping at the last shreds of our wellness, and have declared war upon human health.

The time has come, to employ the generals of Organic Living to our defense, for they are our last hope. Statistics cry out to us, “respond!” And we silently stare at their faces. Why?

“Because my father told me to never trust what I do not know.”

What is Orindependentg?
An independent life.
Independent of heavy metals, carcinogens, pollutants, toxins.
Independent of artificiality, independent of falseness.

Lying in the embrace of mother nature, the organic lifestyle invites us to rediscover the gifts it has bestowed upon us.
It wasn’t our needs that drove us unto the path of self-destruction, they were our wants, for our needs were fulfilled by mother nature herself.

Where you stand today was where Tilak roared “Poorna Swaraj”.

With SkinYoga, the journey of self-rediscovery awaits… …will you join us?

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